Aug 10, 2017

Pretty In Pink Baby Shower


We had so much fun planning this chic “Pretty In Pink” Baby Shower.   The couple was so much fun to work with and it truly was a grand fete to witness. We traveled all the way to Miami Beach to produce this Baby Shower and got to work with Pistils & Petals , Merari Photography ,  La Tavola Fine Linens and the incredible EG Letters on this custom Backdrop to make this the best Baby Shower Ever!  And Baby Milana Rose was Born on July 4th! Enjoy these Images of the Day!



Jul 21, 2017

Planning a Luxury Hotel Wedding


Planning a Luxury Hotel Wedding is what we do WELL at Victoria Ann Events. After working in the Luxury Hotel Business for 5 years and helping to get over 100 couples down the aisle, it’s safe to say we know how to plan and execute a luxury hotel Wedding.  We have made a list of tips as you start planning your Luxury Hotel Wedding.


Pick Your Ideal Date


The first step to planning your luxury hotel wedding is to pick your wedding date. Once you have your date set, it is easier to narrow down your search. Most Luxury Hotels are booked a year in advance for wedding dates. Especially if you are planning to have a Saturday or Friday Wedding Date.  Another important thing to know about luxury Hotel weddings is that most of them (depending on the size of the hotel) only book 1 wedding per date. They may have a Wedding on a Friday and Saturday.  But Typically your wedding will be the only one that day.


Visit the Hotels You Have in Mind


The Second step is to visit and book the hotel you of your choice. Make sure the hotels you are visiting have go with the vision you are trying to create.  If you want a beach wedding, you wouldn’t book a wedding at a downtown hotel. Make sure to check out the Ceremony site and Reception site or Ballroom.  If they are the same space and your guests move to a cocktail hour it is good to know how far they would have to walk, or if they will see any of the changing of the space. If your hotel has an outdoor space for the ceremony or reception you’re interested in, ask to see what the rain back-up site looks like. If you have never stayed at the Hotel you are thinking of having your wedding in also ask for your tour to include what the rooms look like.


Meet with the Catering Team


The Catering Manager or Director assigned to your wedding and their assistant will be your best friend at the hotel for the planning of the wedding.  They will be able to answer all of the questions your have concerning your venue. They will also communicate with your wedding planner to make all of your plans and dreams come true.  Most Luxury Hotels require you have a wedding planner.  It makes the whole process run smoothly and allows the catering team at the hotel to focus on the Hotel and making it perfect for you. They can also provide you with a list of planners that have been approved to work at their hotel already, as well as florists, event rental companies, and a flurry of other vendors.


Create Your Wedding Room Block


One of the best things about getting married at a Hotel is you will get extended a proffered rate for your hotel guests. Sometimes the number of rooms you are extended at the preferred rate are limited so make sure your out of town guests, and wedding party make their arrangements early.  Also be sure to sure to included the host hotel details, on your “Save The Date” and if you have one, Wedding Website so everyone can make their proper arrangements.


Happy Planning!




We are always ready start planning Hotel Weddings,

Jul 18, 2017

What I learned from my Wedding Day

My Anniversary is on the 19th so I thought it would be fun to write a post on what I learned from my Wedding Day. Being a Bride changed my whole perspective on the day and the stressors and what is truly fun about the wedding day.  All of the things I learned I use when planning weddings for our bridal clients and I go back to all of the advice I was given but didn’t listen to and wish I had!

The first thing I learned from my wedding day is to ENJOY the day! It goes by so quick, and when I tell you quick I am not joking! I remember going back to our honeymoon suite and thinking, wait its over… all the hard work I put in the whole year, the plans, the ups the downs and it’s over! So many fun things happened at our reception and I either missed them or was thinking about something stupid like why the lights kept coming on LOL—we’ll talk about that later. I wish I had stopped and really enjoyed every single moment of the day.  The love, our friends and family, and just how beautiful the day actually was.

Photograph Curtsey of Fabien Montique

This goes with enjoying the day, but take time to really enjoy your husband or wife while the party is going on, one of the best things we did was have our own cocktail hour, just the two of us.  The hotel where we were married set-up a display of all of stations, passed hors d’oeuvres, champagne and both of our drink of choice. It was perfect and allowed us to have some alone time before the reception and allowed us to eat, because no matter what you don’t really get to enjoy your dinner.


The Second thing I learned is not everything goes as you planned it and it’s OK! This is a big one! There are so many little details that there is bound to be something that didn’t go just as planned. Don’t overreact, your guests will not notice that your mini burgers at the end of the night were set-up as a station and not being passed on the dance floor.


The Third thing that I learned is to have enough food in the getting ready rooms for the Bride and Groom to pick at while getting ready with the bridal party.  Some of the getting ready process on the wedding day takes a long time, we forget to eat, and you’re walking down the aisle with an empty stomach! The best types of food to have are easy finger foods like, fruit salad in cups, quiche, beagles, and mini wraps and lots of water, not just champagne 🙂

The fourth thing I learned is to delegate a responsible person to gather your wedding gifts and cards, and if possible have a designated spot for these things at your wedding reception so it’s easy for your wedding guests to find.  You will not believe how many cards get lost if you don’t have a designated person. Our wedding planning services include us gathering the gifts and brining them to the bridal suite, but it is always nice to have a family member or bridal party member that is also a responsible and can take the cards to a secure spot.

These are the confessions from a wedding planner turned Bride, I hope these tips help you on your wedding day! If you need some extra help reach out to us!

Or Go to Our Contact Page and let us know about what you have planned for your big day!

Jul 17, 2017

How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner -InStyle Feature


We are so excited to be featured in article, “How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner.” This article has great advice from planners all over the country including us! Our advice is covered in Do Your Homework.  We can’t say this enough.  Doing your research and asking for referrals from your potential planner is key! You can get a good sense of the tings they have done in the past, experience, past clients, and vendors that they use. Doing your homework will make all the difference once you sign the contract and you’re spending the next 6 months to a year with your wedding planner.

Check out all the advice, it’s REALLY GOOD! Happy Reading!


Oh and anytime your featured with an article that uses J. LO as the picture you’re pretty excited—Right?! 🙂

Jul 14, 2017

Favorite Wedding Venues: Four Seasons Westlake Village


Courtesy of Four Seasons Westlake Village

I was lucky enough to have a first hand experience at the luxurious Four Seasons Westlake Village and let me tell you it’s at the top of our list for wedding weekends and venue! We can’t wait for our couples to experience this amazing property and wedding venue!


The Four Seasons Westlake Village is an incredible location for any wedding. Located in the Santa Monica Mountains, the moment you step on to the property you too will feel like you’re in dreamland! Here are the reasons Four Seasons Westlake Village should be at the top of your list….


It’s perfect for any wedding no matter the season

Courtesy of Four Seasons Westlake Village

With outdoor and indoor space that will surpass all expectations, you will never have to worry about the weather on your wedding day! The grand ballroom is GRAND for your winter wedding. The Lawn is perfect for your outdoor spring ceremony, with the idyllic pond and waterfall as your backdrop.


The Property

Courtesy of Four Seasons Westlake Village

With so many fun things to experience on your stay, you and your guests will never be board on you wedding weekend! Full service planning I always make sure to speak to my clients to think about what their guests will be doing while they are occupied with wedding duties. This property allows for not only you (the couple) to have a relaxing and joyous wedding weekend, but also your guest! They have something for everyone, from the award winning spa and Adult only pool, to the arcade and playroom for your little guests, and an amazing indoor pool that can be enjoyed year round! Looking for the perfect coffee spot for your early risers? Stir located in the lobby, is perfect for morning coffee and a morning pastry! Then relax by the Fire Pits at the Malibu Family Wines Tasting Room.  With it’s modern décor and extensive wine list, there is something for everyone, don’t forget to order the charcuterie! J



The Spa

Courtesy of Four Seasons Westlake Village

Brides & Grooms always want to have a pre-pampering session before they BIG day, and Four Seasons Westlake Village  makes this all too easy! The expansive spa and pool area is perfect for big and small wedding parties to relax and enjoy the day before the wedding or after the wedding. My husband and I were lucky enough to enjoy one of the Private Spa Rooms for a couples massage. It was such a treat and our message therapist took great care in finding out what are specific needs were for our treatments. Whatever your fancy is the spa menu allows you decide how pampered you want to be! Then have a relaxing lunch at the Spa Pool in the perfect California sun! (trust me order the Lobster Wrap, I’m still dreaming about it).


The Wedding Day

With so many options to choose from to hold every event for your Wedding Weekend, Four Seasons Westlake Village has you covered! Have your ceremony on the lawn with the pictures waterfall and extensive koi pond as your back drop. Move your guests into the Grand Ballroom for your traditional wedding reception and then move into their new space, a blank canvas that can be set-up to your hearts desires for the modern couple or party until the wee hours an use it as an after party.. did you just say you wanted food trucks? With this layout, no problem late night In-N-Out is just a few steps away!